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Nearly 80percent of business operations are managed by contracts. Contracts play a vital role in the operation of every business. Whether yours is a budding start-up or a major corporation probably you'll be working with hundreds of contracts such as partnership agreements non-disclosure agreements, general employment contracts, equipment and property contracts there are many more. How effectively are you managing these contracts? Do you use paper spreadsheets, spreadsheets, and other old systems? Are you thinking about changing to contract management systems? If so, this article is perfect for you.

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Before investing in a contract management solution, make sure you look over these seven questions in order to avoid costly mistakes.

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Does the software come with AI capabilities?

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With the sheer volume of contracts, ensuring uniformity of managing contracts as well as retrieving important information is an enormous problem. Many organizations don't have a standardized way of organizing contract databases. Consider, your enterprise has a large number of procurement contracts with various renewal dates as well as renegotiation clauses. A team of workers may be required to dedicate hours researching, reviewing and archiving the data to ensure the right opportunities are not missed. Instead, if you go in an intelligent contract administration system powered by AI job can be completed in minutes. By using Doc.AI capabilities, data such as contracts' titles, renewal dates as well as negotiation terms can be extracted. This makes it easier for to review, approve and sign off.

software contract management

But that's not the only thing about it. Furthermore, advanced contract management systems equipped with AI capabilities allow you to review contracts, evaluate clauses, and classify contracts based on the kind of clauses. AI-powered CMS will also assist in being in compliance with the ever-changing regulations. NLP analyses every document and points out the dangers and opportunities.

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Are there templates that are standard for contract for editing and drafting?

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The writing of contracts is among the most challenging tasks. Just imagine how hard it could be to come up with documents with similar clauses such as terms and conditions technical terms, and almost the same content multiple times of times. This is why your CMS will need to support templates and clause libraries across several areas. When you use these templates, that have been approved by your editorial and legal team, you will be able quickly write contracts without language flaws. Additionally, a plan to centralize solution provider contract management software and standardize contracts provides you with all angles of the contracts . You can trace them using custom filters and interact with peers to discuss the documents, make edits and save them.

What is the ROI potential? How much money can my business save?

Savings figures are the largest factor in helping you make the decision whether to purchase a contract managing software or not. A study conducted by Goldman Sachs concluded that an automated contract management system could reduce the time for negotiations by 50 %, cut payment mistakes by 75 to 90 percent, cut the cost for managing contract by between 10 and 30 percent and cut the number of employees required for contract management by 10 to 20 percent. Indeed, managing contracts can indeed be a cost-effective optionif used properly.

Ideally, you must take into account factors such as the time spent in audits and tracking renewal dates lower disputes in contracts and creation of new business opportunities, reduction in sales cycle.

Is the solution scalable?

Most of the companies in marketplace claims that they provide solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of every business. What if that isn't the case? Instead of spending lots of money in customization, be specific about the workflowprocess, essential processes enhancements that are required, examine options with more precise questions.

For example: in a typical contract management workflow after the author has written the documents it is routed by the system it to the approver. While this is a basic option, a customisation could include an email that includes the document's link to the approver. The link should work or work with all devices, including smartphones, tablets as well as desktops.

In the same way the software's high degree of customization could make it difficult and cumbersome to use. Moreover, the ease of use could also be too simple. Hence, it's always a wise idea to consider the pros and cons of the team who will be using the software and after that, decide on how to modify it.

What are some of the specific features or highlights which can speed up manual processes?

A contract management software system stores contracts saved in a central, secure and searchable database that allows users to have access. This ensures optimal compliance and ample reports. For instance, contracts could be easily tracked, and the review and signing process is streamlined with electronic signatures. Another instance would be Analytics and metrics. To pull out information on the time it took concluding a contract, people will be able to analyze limitations, find the number of times it was necessary to iterate and produce comprehensive reports. It will also help with the creation of clause libraries, gaining insights into the past performance of the company and decreasing the cycle time of contracts.

Another feature worth looking to is redlining in contracts, also known as editing. Redlining highlights text to show modifications, additions or deletions, as well as approvals and rejections. This function is beneficial particularly in situations where two or more people are working on the same document collaboratively. This feature gives more flexibility while reviewing and negotiating contracts.

What is the process to deploy and use?

A contract management tool that features an intuitive interface with simple-to-use features is sure to get the attention of your users. To obtain the maximum benefit when deploying the software, make sure to integrate it with existing systems to reduce the time required to switch between different platforms. For instance, integrating CRM with the latest contract software will aid sales personnel in automating send customer information to create contracts and have them routed for approvals, in addition to being in control of the renewals, expirations and other important dates.

It is then time to check for the process of onboarding. This is especially helpful if it's an off-the-shelf solution that you can move live and go into operation within a short time. Remember that long deployment periods are not viable any longer.

7. What will the security of the data and the private information be safe?

In the last, but not least important, data security is crucial importance. Contracts contain extremely confidential and sensitive information it is essential to protect them from unauthorized access , in order to earn the trust of your network including partners, vendors or customers. In addition, the growing number of cybersecurity threats and cyber attacks put companies at risk of potential legal, financial and brand liabilities. If you're about to protect the trust and confidence of the most important business relationships you have be sure to confirm that the provider hasn't had any serious security or security breaches.

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